Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Baby, I'm Busy

Busy Baby

Yes, I changed my blog name! I was sick of the name and in need of a change. I also hope you all are enjoying my new header as well, because I am! Anyway I recently discovered Soundcloud and their amazingness (yes I am aware I am late). I came across of this awesome song Busy Baby ft. Nina K (Oliver Nelson Remix) by Tomas Barfod. I am obsessed! I wasn't always a fan of remixes until I went to Soundcloud and now this is all I've been listening to this week! 

For this song, I wanted to create something out of the ordinary. Most of my outfits have structure and a theme. For this song (since it is a remix), I imagine this character to be extremely creative, free spirited, but with some edginess. Once I came across those Saint Laurent pants, I knew exactly how the rest of the outfit was going to turn out. This character calls for attention without being so obvious. All I know is if I saw someone with this outfit walking down the street I would immediately ask for her music player, because she looks like she knows what she's listening to! 

Have an enchanting rest of the week!


Wednesday, July 16, 2014

The Blame Game

I Blame Myself

I'm back and here to stay! Damn, I've missed blogging. Anyways let's discuss the incredibly stylist and all around awesome singer, Sky Ferreira. I am obsessed with her album Night Time, My Time. One of my favorite songs from her entire album has to be I Blame Myself (Everything is Embarrassing is my second obsession). I revolved this outfit around my alter ego, who is much more ballsier than me when it comes to fashion. When I listen to I Blame Myself, I think of a person who has reached rock bottom, but this individual has come to terms with the skeletons in his/her closet.

I added the MCM Stark backpack to this outfit, because for some reason when someone wears a backpack it makes the individual mysterious and I believe this character is extremely mysterious. She has her own story that she does not share easily. I also I added the Jean Paul Gaultier bomber jacket because it is the next bad ass jacket second to the leather jacket (plus it's Jean Paul Gaultier). My favorite item in this outfit has to be the Roberto Cavalli dragon shaped ear cuffs! They are extremely unique, tough and elegant, which represents this character and in some ways Sky Ferreira as well. 

Balmain top, Jean Paul Gaultier bomber jacket, Kenzo skirt, MCM Stark backpack, Asos sandals, Roberto Cavalli ear cuffs

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Vampire Weekend for the Summer

Diane Young

If someone told me to come up with an outfit for Vampire Weekend any point before the song Diane Young came out, it would have been head to toe preppy. However, as you can see there is nothing preppy about this outfit, and that's because of Diane Young (check out the music video by clicking on Diane Young. I linked it for you guys). This song just wants to make you dance! My friend and I always blast it in the car with the hood down

I have considered this song to be my official soundtrack for the summer, which brings us to this outfit I made. I knew I wanted this outfit to be summery without it being a major cliché (you know what I'm talking about, the maxi skirts and the high waist shorts), that's why I picked this adorable Zara floral pencil skirt. It's sexy because of its shape, but its also fun and girly because of its pattern. I pretty much revolved the whole look around the skirt, I picked out some distinctive colors, such as, yellow, purple and red. As you can see I did not layer this outfit a lot for the summer, because it is better to be minimal with the heat. 

Enjoy the summer! 

Topshop black crop top, Zara floral printed skirt, YSL black heels, Michael Kors yellow bag, Ballast purple watch, Marc by Marc Jacobs gold earrings, Philippe Audibert gold necklace 

Friday, March 8, 2013

Azealia Banks is all about the FUN


When it comes to fashion + music how can you not mention the Miss Azealia Banks. The girl is friends with Karl Lagerfeld! From the photos and articles about the singer, Banks seems like a cool fun girl. So I chose the song 1991, which I personally think shows her fun character the best. I had a blast putting this outfit together. My thought during the whole process was, what would Azealia wear? And I think she would pull this outfit off. My favorite piece is the Balmain striped blazer (I am obsessed!), she mentioned a French dude in the song so I immediately thought of Balmain and when I saw this blazer, I knew it was the one. Overall, Azealia Banks is great + fun, and so is this outfit.

P.s I need to get my hands on that Givenchy tote!

Balmain striped blazer, black Burberry button down, Givenchy tote bag, Louboutin heels, blue Luger pants, Alexander McQueen ring and DANNIJO bracelet  

Friday, December 28, 2012

Mr. Mojo Risin'

L.A Woman

The song L.A Woman by The Doors inspired this look. I am an absolute HUGE fan of The Doors and secretly in love with Jim Morrison (now not a secret), and that's why I have to say this was probably the most challenging look to pull off, because there are various directions to go. I could of just thrown on whatever I saw and it didn't even have to make sense, because my excuse would have been. In the song this L.A woman doesn't need to match due to her wild character. But that would have been so cheesy and sort of lazy, so I decided to do my interpreted L.A woman with a bit of today's fashion. This song and look deserves a full explanation. 

Let's start with the jacket and bag. I love contrast, and I think it was appropriate to incorporate it because Jim Morrison sings, "Are you a lucky little lady in The City of Light, or just another lost angel ... City of Night." The Theory little green jacket represents the lady in the light, while the 3.1 Philip Lim burgundy bag represents the lost angel at night. 

I went for ripped jeans because this woman is torn (no pun intended) emotional. Her mood changes from glad to sadness and her world seems upside down, due to the fact some say her lover does not actually love her, but he claims they are lying. What to believe? 

I picked gold and pearls as accessories because gold and pearls generally symbolize classiness and respect. As you can see why I chose these dramatic over pearled sunglasses, to show that she is trying too hard to earn respect and be viewed as a classy woman. But, that is just a facade. She is hiding behind those incredibly cute Kerin Rose sunglasses.  

And while this roller coaster of a life is in motion, she manages to look fabulous and some what put together. That's the magic of women. 

Guess black bustier top, River Island jeans, Theory green jacket, Steve Madden boots, Kerin Rose sunglasses 

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Current Obsession #4: A Swedish Love Story & Shyness

I randomly came in contact with this movie, A Swedish Love Story (1970), by a song. 
The song Shyness by Thieves Like Us. I looked up the song and this video came up,
 with scenes from a movie. I was curious, "What movie is this from?" Thanks to 
a youtube comment I looked up the movie, saw it, and loved it! It's all in 
Swedish so subtitles are a definite, if you are interested. The movie is 
adorable and subtle. It is VERY different from the movies we are
 used to, so I suggest a patient movie-watcher can handle this. 
It's not  showy or wild. Just beautiful. Now the song 
Shyness, I can't stop listening to it (for example 
the song is playing right now as I'm typing 
this). Check out the video if you are  
interested in watching the movie,
 think of it as an "unofficial trailer."

Saturday, December 22, 2012

A New Year: The Beginning

Crave You

New years eve (my favorite day) is approaching and you know what that means: drinking, revealing confessions, wedding proposals, the ball drop, and more drinking. What's wrong with that? Absolutely nothing. It's the last day of the year. The last day to make a statement and standout. And who's better at standing out, well of course Alexander McQueen that's who! You can not go wrong choosing a McQueen dress. It's classy, sexy and ambitious all at the same time. All eyes will definitely be on you. Of course I love fur, so that lamb jacket is stunning against the dress. I chose this particular dress because the song Crave You by Flight Facilities inspired me. It's an upbeat song and all I can imagine is gold and black, maybe because she mentions "dripping in gold" a couple of times. Overall I love this song, Alexander McQueen. and red lipstick.

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and New Years. See ya next year lovelies!   

Alexander McQueen dress, lamb fur jacket, clutch, AX Paris heels, Fabrizio Riva ring

Monday, November 12, 2012

Youyou by Yougourthen Mini Fall/Winter Collection 2012 - 2013

He is back! My dear friend and recently turn 15 year old, Yougourthen, has just launched his Fall/Winter collection yesterday. He calls it his mini collection since it only consists of two garments, but that's alright. I am absolutely proud of him; they came out so lovely. His inspiration was Moroccan style: the bell sleeves and the trimmings. Structure was a major motif and the main focus of the collection. Yougourthen explained to me that these were his first actual sleeves and was proud of the result.  In addition, the skinny black pants were also a first and when I asked about that pants, he labeled them as "best pants I ever made in my life!" The green shirt paired with the skinny black pants is for any occasion, while the red blouse and blue skirt is a formal outfit (my favorite look). Overall I love the collection, it's simple and straight to the point. Good job!

For more information and updates:

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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Diane Birch

Nothing But A Miracle

If you haven't heard of Diane Birch, start listening. She really is incredible, from her
 music down to her style. The first song I recommend you to listen to is
Nothing But A Miracle, which is what this outfit was inspired from. I
think this is the perfect breakup song for moving on. It's honest and
that's what I like about it. So I came up with this outfit for a girl
 who is coming back to society from a bad breakup, the
"new you look." It's simple but not too simple. This
outfit says, "I'm ready to go out, but I'm not
looking for anybody. I'm just worrying
about myself now." Plus the only
man that should be on her is
Marc Jacobs.

Chloé blouse, Mango pants, Liam Fahy shoes, Kate Spade normandy bag, March Jacobs watch 

Friday, September 7, 2012

Fashion's Night Out

As you can see I went to Fashion's Night Out last night. I stayed around the Soho area, 
since there are many stores to see. I've never been to this kind of event. Actually in all
 honesty I've never been to Soho (I know as a clothing junkie that's pretty shocking), 
so I thought going to FNO in Soho would be the perfect time to see what
everyone is raving about. And all I have to say is I know exactly why 
everyone comes here. It's utterly amazing. All the stores, style and
the PEOPLE. What makes Soho, "Soho" is the people who
make up the community. There are so many personalities
and style. It was comforting seeing people being 
themselves, unlike where I live. The people
dress the same and play it safe.

I miss Soho. 

  I seriously want to live in Soho, preferably inside Alexander Wang or Acne.  

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Arctic Monkeys

Arctic Monkeys

The song You & I by the Arctic Monkeys inspired this look. I am a huge fan of the 
Arctic Monkeys, I love their cool music style. And Humbug had grown on me,
my all time favorite album. So when their new album released recently, it 
wasn't my favorite. However, that doesn't mean I don't have a favorite 
song, and that's You & I ft. Richard Hawley & The Death Ramps is 
just perfection. It's such a bad ass no mercy kinda song. Love it. So 
when it came to choosing an outfit,I had to include a leather jacket! 
I mean there are motorcycles in the background, why not. For this 
character I pictured her to be fearless and have effortless cool 
style. So a leather jacket, crop button down, platform shoes 
and a killer bag was exactly what I was imagining. Plus this 
outfit would look great with Alex Turner on its side! ;)

Proenza Schouler cropped button down, Acne leather jacket, Orla Kiely skirt, Lanvin ankle booties,  Brahmin Phoebe bag

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Florence + The Machine


The song Spectrum by Florence + The Machine inspired this look. If you know
anything about this song, it's a colorful song. I agree with that but, for some reason
as I was listening to the song and trying to put color to the look (because it should
have color), it did not look right. It was like I was trying too hard or something.
However, gold, cream, andblack looked right. When I picture a character for
this look, she wouldn't dress colorful because her personality would
already be colorful (if that makes any sense). Anyway,the skull
earrings are a cool little touch because as she mentions in the
song "we will never be afraid again." The skull and the
studded shoes represent almost like a bad-ass
attitude but, at the same time this character
would be vulnerable and gentle. That's why I
picked this dress.

This is how I interpreted Spectrum.

Chloe dress, Balmain jacket, Steve Madden shoes, Marchesa clutch, LeiVanKash skull earrings

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Youyou by Yougourthen

Yougourthen and I

Today was an overall amazing day! Mostly because I helped my dearest friend, designer Yougourthen, launch his Spring 2012 collection, Youyou by Yougourthen. This is his first ever collection, so he was pretty excited and nervous. When I asked him what was his inspiration for the collection. He looked at me surprised and sweetly said, "I actually don't know, it just came to me." And laughed afterwards. I definitely see him as an original designer (unlike my other favorite designers), since he has a strict policy on not looking at others work. It's quite hilarious because when I ask him about Wang, Wu, and Balmain. He would ask me who they were! He is a completely isolated designer, and I admire that. He doesn't want to follow trends yet, until he is required to. Please look at the rest of his work. It will be posted on this Wednesday and Thursday. It's impressive for a fourteen year old. 

Did I mention he was fourteen?

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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The XX


I'm back! Damn I missed creating outfits. I finally found some free time to make something.
Moving on. The song Angels by The XX is my current obsession. It's a little different
from their older pieces but, I'm loving it! I find it to be more romantic & enchanting,
that's why I picked this floral blazer and the bag to be pink. If I have chosen
one of their older songs like Stars the whole color scheme would have
been black and white. However, I added black oxfords and
black accessories because to me they will always be the
color black. That's how I will always picture them.
Their songs might be a little different but,
they haven't changed.

Topshop blazer, Haider Ackermann oxfords, Chloe bag, Kate Spade earrings, Bobbi Brown nail polish

Monday, August 6, 2012


Okay I'm probably the worst blogger in the world. I haven't written anything for more than a month. But! I have my reasons. I tend to neglect things after a period of time; however, I'm not letting that happen to this blog. Oh no. Not an option. I like writing. I know I'm not the best writer like Scott Fitzgerald, Steven King, or Hemingway. So what. Here's an update, for those who need to know. After my fabulous experience at Vassar college, I did plan the next day to write about the events that took place. But, I was exhausted and I had class to attend the same day. It doesn't end there. I had work to go to since I missed two weeks. There was many things to catch up on and fix.

I wish it ended there, but of course it did not. On top of Spanish class and work, I had to do homework for when I return to school in September. As you can see I'm busy, a little sleep deprived ... and secretly I kind of love it. It means I'm actually being productive. I like being productive. 

Anyway, I have many things to show and tell. 
Such as, on Sunday there is going 
to be a photo shoot at my 
job, so I'll definitely post
those  pictures up. 

Sunday, July 1, 2012

just came across this video and I have to say
I love it. I don't know why. I think
it's the plot of this story, or
maybe the song itself.
Overall it's great
and I want
to share
it with


Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Summer Wishlist

Summer Wishlist

Here are a few things I want/need for the summer.
I have become obsessed with the bandeau trend
they are super cute, plus when paired with
high waist shorts. Oh My God. 
Want Want Want Want

Monday, June 25, 2012

Marina & The Diamonds


The song Primadonna by Marina & The Diamonds inspired 
this look. When I think of a primadonna girl, I imagine
her to be classy and fabulous. That's why I picked
red and gold. My favorite combination. The
heart shaped sunglasses was a fun touch
because a primadonna girl is daring. 

Outfit: Oasis red dress, Charlotte Olympia nude heels, Dorothy Perkins sunglasses, Suzanne Somers crown ring.  

Friday, June 15, 2012

Current Obsession #3

Sky Ferreira's music video for Red Lips, is to die for. I love the
simplicity of it. Red lips, underwear & bra, and that spider!
Some people have a fear of spiders, and I am one of them.
But for the video it just made sense, I personally think
the spider made the video. If there was no main
object (besides the red lips), then the video
would have been boring. I overall love
the video, song, and her.
Good job Sky! 

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Summer begins ... what a joke

My last day of school was on Monday! I was so relieved to 
leave my teachers (expect Global & English).Monday was an 
alright day. It felt like any other day,expect it was our last
 day of school. But I live in New York. And here just because 
it is your last day, does not mean you come back. You 
actually have to go back to the school for two weeks, 
and take regents & finals. 

However, this was my outfit for school. I never really wore maxi dresses.
So I decided to go for it. I mean it was the last day! 
If I looked terrible, it's fine because they won't 
see me until September. 

So technically school hasn't ended. 

Outfit: Floral dress (I forgot where), and you've seen this bag so many times!
Song of the moment: Foster the People - Call it what you want