Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Summer begins ... what a joke

My last day of school was on Monday! I was so relieved to 
leave my teachers (expect Global & English).Monday was an 
alright day. It felt like any other day,expect it was our last
 day of school. But I live in New York. And here just because 
it is your last day, does not mean you come back. You 
actually have to go back to the school for two weeks, 
and take regents & finals. 

However, this was my outfit for school. I never really wore maxi dresses.
So I decided to go for it. I mean it was the last day! 
If I looked terrible, it's fine because they won't 
see me until September. 

So technically school hasn't ended. 

Outfit: Floral dress (I forgot where), and you've seen this bag so many times!
Song of the moment: Foster the People - Call it what you want

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