Saturday, January 21, 2012

Current Obsessions # 1

1. Skrillex : Until today I haven't gotten a chance to listen to Skrillex personally, but I wish I did sooner! I love the beats, drops, mood everything about it. Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites is on replay at my Itunes.

2. The Doors : Please tell me people still listen to The Doors? I think one of the first bands in the 60's to have a kind of psychedelic beat. Love Jim Morrison's poetic lyrics - The Lizard King! Current song can't stop playing Not to Touch the Earth.

3. I got these Forever 21 boots on Christmas and I haven't took them off, seriously. The brown color goes with everything I wear and with the chilly weather its suitable. I love you boots!

4. February 2nd I'm going to Florida with my Aunt as a birthday present. I am excited because I have never been to Florida. Its the perfect escape from this dreary weather here in New York. I saw this Forever 21 bikini and its exactly what I want for the beach and pool. The pattern is different from the usual, I like to stand out. Let's hope my mom will get it.

5. I just like these sunglasses they're cute and will look great with high waisted shorts. Can't for summer to come back.

6. Don't get me started with Temple Run... its an addiction and I need to beat my high score soon!

7. I never owned lipstick and when I do buy one it will be pale pink. Because, its simple, clean and can go with anything I wear. Plus I need some color on my lips.

8. With a new project I have occupied myself, I need to be organized than ever with school, yearbook, a social life and a spring fashion show in my local area. I haven't gotten sleep lately, I miss my naps. However I am so grateful for this opportunity and can't wait to see the end result in April.

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