Wednesday, January 25, 2012

"Its January" Shouldn't Be An Excuse

I absolutely can not hold my excitement for Florida! Officially in eight days I'm escaping this tundra weather in New York and landing in paradise. Sounds too good to be true.

Anyways for my preparations, I decided I needed a bathing suit just because the hotel is equipped with a pool. It makes sense. Yesterday I went to my local mall to scout for the perfect bathing suit. H&M, Forever 21, JCPenny and even Macy's didn't answer my prayers. While I complained to my mom about my hopes being destroyed, I came to a realization. We're still in the middle of winter, who's going to need a bathing suit? But that shouldn't even matter doesn't anyone know this is the perfect time to display bathing suits! Think of the lucky minority who are going to mini vacations. If was the boss of a store, bathing suits on the racks all year round!

PS. Like my shirt? I think I'm going to bring it to Florida. Who cares, floral in January!

Listening: Let's Go Sailing - Sideways

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