Saturday, February 11, 2012

Tourist Have Fun



The tourist look is something no ever wants to resemble. However, it's daring and looks fun. In my sojourn in Florida, I stopped by a boutique and took some pictures of the clothes they were selling (which were awfully expensive). I have to say, I quite like it. I'm definitely feeling the leaf button down blue shirt and pairing it with high waist shorts this summer. And the sun hats are playful and over the top. If I had the balls, I would just wear it to school. But then I would get too much attention, it would just be uncomfortable. I can also see that Prada kind of resemble the tourist look but in such a cute way with bananas. It's fun! I am definitely going to try it out this summer. Wish me luck!

Watching: Skins season 6 episode 3

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