Tuesday, April 3, 2012

I'm actually productive

I finally had a productive day. I was invited to attend an education class at Vassar and visit the campus. I am absolutely in love with Vassar, the people, and generally the atmosphere. I was nervous everyone would be snobby, and act like they know everything. But, actually it's the opposite! Everyone is so welcoming and supportive... especially the professor. Vassar is a school I would consider applying, however; the school does not offer the business classes I want to major in. So sad ):

After Vassar, I went to my friend Ibby's house. I had such a good time. Even got more done: I found out a boy doesn't like me, visited my old elementary school, had a photo shoot for photo class, ate pizza and watched Disney Channel.

Seriously a productive day. I wish every day was like this!

Wearing: All Forever 21 (Like everyone else, it's my favorite store) and my mom's old purse.
Song of the moment: XXYYXX - Overdone (Anneka Remix)

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