Thursday, April 26, 2012

Job Shadow Day

Today I had such an amazing experience. My school offers a Job Shadow Day, it's when you follow or "shadow" a person in the career you are interested to work in. You spend the day with them and ask questions you're interested in. I picked fashion for my career of pursuit (what a shocker I know). I was assigned to visit Elizabeth Boutique, and I learned so much! When I think of a boutique not a lot comes to mind, but Beth (the owner) addressed to me what actually goes into a boutique. I was flabbergasted. I think the most exciting thing about working in retail has to be buy new inventory. The best part of it all was when Beth let me style outfits with the new items that had arrived.

Thank you Beth and Robin (I hope I spelled her name right, sorry) for being so welcoming.
Definitely check them out here is the website: 

Song of the moment: The XX - Basic Space

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