Monday, November 12, 2012

Youyou by Yougourthen Mini Fall/Winter Collection 2012 - 2013

He is back! My dear friend and recently turn 15 year old, Yougourthen, has just launched his Fall/Winter collection yesterday. He calls it his mini collection since it only consists of two garments, but that's alright. I am absolutely proud of him; they came out so lovely. His inspiration was Moroccan style: the bell sleeves and the trimmings. Structure was a major motif and the main focus of the collection. Yougourthen explained to me that these were his first actual sleeves and was proud of the result.  In addition, the skinny black pants were also a first and when I asked about that pants, he labeled them as "best pants I ever made in my life!" The green shirt paired with the skinny black pants is for any occasion, while the red blouse and blue skirt is a formal outfit (my favorite look). Overall I love the collection, it's simple and straight to the point. Good job!

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