Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Current Obsession #4: A Swedish Love Story & Shyness

I randomly came in contact with this movie, A Swedish Love Story (1970), by a song. 
The song Shyness by Thieves Like Us. I looked up the song and this video came up,
 with scenes from a movie. I was curious, "What movie is this from?" Thanks to 
a youtube comment I looked up the movie, saw it, and loved it! It's all in 
Swedish so subtitles are a definite, if you are interested. The movie is 
adorable and subtle. It is VERY different from the movies we are
 used to, so I suggest a patient movie-watcher can handle this. 
It's not  showy or wild. Just beautiful. Now the song 
Shyness, I can't stop listening to it (for example 
the song is playing right now as I'm typing 
this). Check out the video if you are  
interested in watching the movie,
 think of it as an "unofficial trailer."

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