Friday, December 28, 2012

Mr. Mojo Risin'

L.A Woman

The song L.A Woman by The Doors inspired this look. I am an absolute HUGE fan of The Doors and secretly in love with Jim Morrison (now not a secret), and that's why I have to say this was probably the most challenging look to pull off, because there are various directions to go. I could of just thrown on whatever I saw and it didn't even have to make sense, because my excuse would have been. In the song this L.A woman doesn't need to match due to her wild character. But that would have been so cheesy and sort of lazy, so I decided to do my interpreted L.A woman with a bit of today's fashion. This song and look deserves a full explanation. 

Let's start with the jacket and bag. I love contrast, and I think it was appropriate to incorporate it because Jim Morrison sings, "Are you a lucky little lady in The City of Light, or just another lost angel ... City of Night." The Theory little green jacket represents the lady in the light, while the 3.1 Philip Lim burgundy bag represents the lost angel at night. 

I went for ripped jeans because this woman is torn (no pun intended) emotional. Her mood changes from glad to sadness and her world seems upside down, due to the fact some say her lover does not actually love her, but he claims they are lying. What to believe? 

I picked gold and pearls as accessories because gold and pearls generally symbolize classiness and respect. As you can see why I chose these dramatic over pearled sunglasses, to show that she is trying too hard to earn respect and be viewed as a classy woman. But, that is just a facade. She is hiding behind those incredibly cute Kerin Rose sunglasses.  

And while this roller coaster of a life is in motion, she manages to look fabulous and some what put together. That's the magic of women. 

Guess black bustier top, River Island jeans, Theory green jacket, Steve Madden boots, Kerin Rose sunglasses 

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