Friday, March 8, 2013

Azealia Banks is all about the FUN


When it comes to fashion + music how can you not mention the Miss Azealia Banks. The girl is friends with Karl Lagerfeld! From the photos and articles about the singer, Banks seems like a cool fun girl. So I chose the song 1991, which I personally think shows her fun character the best. I had a blast putting this outfit together. My thought during the whole process was, what would Azealia wear? And I think she would pull this outfit off. My favorite piece is the Balmain striped blazer (I am obsessed!), she mentioned a French dude in the song so I immediately thought of Balmain and when I saw this blazer, I knew it was the one. Overall, Azealia Banks is great + fun, and so is this outfit.

P.s I need to get my hands on that Givenchy tote!

Balmain striped blazer, black Burberry button down, Givenchy tote bag, Louboutin heels, blue Luger pants, Alexander McQueen ring and DANNIJO bracelet  

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