Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Vampire Weekend for the Summer

Diane Young

If someone told me to come up with an outfit for Vampire Weekend any point before the song Diane Young came out, it would have been head to toe preppy. However, as you can see there is nothing preppy about this outfit, and that's because of Diane Young (check out the music video by clicking on Diane Young. I linked it for you guys). This song just wants to make you dance! My friend and I always blast it in the car with the hood down

I have considered this song to be my official soundtrack for the summer, which brings us to this outfit I made. I knew I wanted this outfit to be summery without it being a major cliché (you know what I'm talking about, the maxi skirts and the high waist shorts), that's why I picked this adorable Zara floral pencil skirt. It's sexy because of its shape, but its also fun and girly because of its pattern. I pretty much revolved the whole look around the skirt, I picked out some distinctive colors, such as, yellow, purple and red. As you can see I did not layer this outfit a lot for the summer, because it is better to be minimal with the heat. 

Enjoy the summer! 

Topshop black crop top, Zara floral printed skirt, YSL black heels, Michael Kors yellow bag, Ballast purple watch, Marc by Marc Jacobs gold earrings, Philippe Audibert gold necklace 

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