Wednesday, July 16, 2014

The Blame Game

I Blame Myself

I'm back and here to stay! Damn, I've missed blogging. Anyways let's discuss the incredibly stylist and all around awesome singer, Sky Ferreira. I am obsessed with her album Night Time, My Time. One of my favorite songs from her entire album has to be I Blame Myself (Everything is Embarrassing is my second obsession). I revolved this outfit around my alter ego, who is much more ballsier than me when it comes to fashion. When I listen to I Blame Myself, I think of a person who has reached rock bottom, but this individual has come to terms with the skeletons in his/her closet.

I added the MCM Stark backpack to this outfit, because for some reason when someone wears a backpack it makes the individual mysterious and I believe this character is extremely mysterious. She has her own story that she does not share easily. I also I added the Jean Paul Gaultier bomber jacket because it is the next bad ass jacket second to the leather jacket (plus it's Jean Paul Gaultier). My favorite item in this outfit has to be the Roberto Cavalli dragon shaped ear cuffs! They are extremely unique, tough and elegant, which represents this character and in some ways Sky Ferreira as well. 

Balmain top, Jean Paul Gaultier bomber jacket, Kenzo skirt, MCM Stark backpack, Asos sandals, Roberto Cavalli ear cuffs

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