Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Florence + The Machine


The song Spectrum by Florence + The Machine inspired this look. If you know
anything about this song, it's a colorful song. I agree with that but, for some reason
as I was listening to the song and trying to put color to the look (because it should
have color), it did not look right. It was like I was trying too hard or something.
However, gold, cream, andblack looked right. When I picture a character for
this look, she wouldn't dress colorful because her personality would
already be colorful (if that makes any sense). Anyway,the skull
earrings are a cool little touch because as she mentions in the
song "we will never be afraid again." The skull and the
studded shoes represent almost like a bad-ass
attitude but, at the same time this character
would be vulnerable and gentle. That's why I
picked this dress.

This is how I interpreted Spectrum.

Chloe dress, Balmain jacket, Steve Madden shoes, Marchesa clutch, LeiVanKash skull earrings

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